William Stanley Short

Watercolour Artist


Stanley Short and I have been friends and neighbours for many years. We both paint in watercolours, he paints much better than I do!


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Early years

Stanley was born in Killingworth in beautiful countryside of Northumberland. His father was the headmaster at Elsdon village school. The family lived at Bedlington for a time.

He attended Morpeth Grammar School; his skill at drawing gained him one hundred percent in art on one occasion.

Further studies at Durham University resulted in a BSc. in Chemistry.

War years

Were spent in responsible work at Bentham near Lancaster. It was at this time Stanley attended an art course run by the Workers Education Association. During the lovely summer months set in picturesque countryside, he was inspired by the painting and teaching skills of Dan Binns an accomplished artist, to paint the wonderful landscapes of this green and pleasant land of ours.  This has been Stanley’s interest, hobby and love through the years.

Research Chemist

After war work, Stanley returned to Durham University and applied himself to further studies. He was rewarded with a PhD. in Chemistry.

A major career move followed when Stanley and Jean with family came to Leeds. Working at the Yorkshire Dyeware and Chemical Company in Kirkstall. He became a highly regarded member of the Company Management Staff.

Unique Painting Style

I would describe it as the ‘Short and Direct’ style of watercolour painting!

A light pencil sketch of the subject, Stanley advocates painting outdoors, direct from nature. With the drawing accomplished he paints direct on the stretched watercolour paper, with no preliminary washes. This produces fresh clean colours, and a fully integrated painting in a totally unique and recognisable style. This is the mark of gifted painters.

Yorkshire Watercolour Society 

Stanley was elected a member of the Yorkshire Watercolour Society and took part in many Exhibitions. His paintings demonstrations at various Art Groups were greatly appreciated for the practical help and advice he was able to give.

Continuing Painting Pleasure

After retirement from work, he has continued to paint Yorkshire landscapes at every opportunity. Often, travelling further a field, especially when on holidays. He now has a personal collection of over 1300 watercolour paintings ¼ Imperial size. Hundreds of pencil drawings and lots of sketch books covering many subjects.