What Would Jesus Do?

If Jesus was here, what would He do?
Would He just be like me and you?
In our situation how would He act?
Would He just look at each fact?
What would Jesus do?

In our sorrow, anguish and pain
And in our heart full of disdain,
Where could we turn to make things right
And to ease the burden of the night?
What would Jesus do?

Where would we turn for someone to care
When we are anxious and full of despair?
Would we turn to our sister our brother,
Or maybe we would speak to our mother
What would Jesus do?

Jesus would speak to His Father above
Knowing that He is a God full of love,
He has got the whole wide world in His hands,
God made us, He knows us and understands.
That’s what Jesus would do!

We have listened to what Jesus would do
And the same way to God applies to you,
Tell God about all your struggles and strife
Whether a husband or maybe a wife,
God will see you through!

This God is waiting to answer your call
And help you up again when you fall,
He is waiting for you every day
So give Him a chance without delay
Because God cares for you!

By Vera G Taylor
Member of Sunbridge Road Mission, Bradford, Yorkshire