Poem for National Poetry Day

Without its invisible power the world loses a life voice
Truth is like a beating heart, often hidden yet circulating
It is more than words, sentences and the paragraphs
Tiny children are usually first to the line – no weighting
Open with little thoughts often with giggles and laughs

One is more likely to find blocks of gold in a stone gutter
Than in the the magnificent ornate Halls of Westminster
False political information it would seem is fed to members
To millions of lesser mortals this practice is nauseating
The bright fires burning for our nation cold black embers

Difficult to follow millions of tiny ocean droplets of salt water
Yet together they mingle and move with precision perfection
This is a fluid picture much like moving droplets of real truth
Tides like truth travel in and out cleaning all with affection
The clearing power of massive movement now a strong tooth

Lies become graves deep in the valley of dying humanity
The sunlight is flickering shadows showing much confusion
Darkness demands that pure light should come in supremacy
Is this an earthly possibility we ask or are we in grey delusion
With love divine and mercy sure a man came with serenity

His words at times had beauty of colourful peacock feathers
Often he was utterly amazing and awesome with truth bars
Light shone in all his words he was himself the way truth life
His steps uncomfortable under the weight of Calvary’s scars
Jesus was the Saviour’s name cutting lies with heaven’s knife.