The Wonder of it!

by Kathleen May Lawson

God, by His word, the Universe created,
And into man eternal life He breathed,
But when He came to dwell amongst his people,
A stable was the place bequeathed.
And yet He says, ‘my child there is a mansion
Prepared for you, beyond the realm of time,’
Because I have accepted Him, my Ransom,
He has made me His, oh joy sublime.

He, who is the Bread of Life, once hungered,
As with the prince of darkness He prevailed 
Yet, with two fish and five small loaves of barley,
The multitude a banquet He regaled.
The woman at the well He asked for water,
‘I thirst’, when on the Cross-, was the request,
Yet to me He says ‘Come drink, my daughter,
I Am the fount of life, drink, and be fully blessed.’

The value of a slave, He was betrayed for, 
Thirty pieces of this world’s dross.
Yet for my soul’s redemption, Jesus paid for 
With His Life’s Blood, on a cruel Cross.
The Lamb of God, the Spotless Son of Heaven, 
He came, and carried away my sin and shame,
Now He leads me home, He is my Shepherd,
I worship Him and glorify His Name.