The Woman Who Touched Jesus

What could she do, she was desperate,
Her life’s blood was ebbing away,
What could she do, she was destitute,
And had no money to pay.
Then she heard of the coming of Jesus,
The One who is loving and kind,
He was able to cleanse even lepers
And opened the eyes of the blind.

The crowd filled the street as they rallied,
But how could she squeeze through the fray,
A woman so weak and so pallid,
Would soon be swept out of the way. 
But she was determined to meet Him,
She knew that deliverance was nigh,
She pressed, till she came up behind Him
And touched Him, as He passed her by.

The plaque left her body in seconds,
And Jesus knew someone was healed,
He stopped and enquired, “Who touched Me?”
And the miracle then was revealed.
”Cheer up my daughter”, said Jesus
“Your faith has indeed made you whole;
Go in peace from this hour and serve Me,”
And blessings from God, filled her soul.

Are there things in your life, that may keep you
From following close to the Lord,
Petty things, that crowd in and stop you,
From prayer life and reading God’s Word,
Like the women, press on, ever forward
Till you are nearer to Jesus’ side,
Lets be desperate, determined, delivered,
At His footstool forever abide.