The Pond That I Ponder

Water is wonderful in its daily fascinating life cycle 
It is much more than a scientific description of facts
It is completely free for it falls from our broad skies 
It gives life and purpose causing all things to adapt
The raindrop falls in a million drops of new surprises 

The raindrop has full potential with power to change
Globes of of water (H 20) with a gentle hint of blue
Odourless and tasteless would seem to limit its range
It is studied more than the many compounds in view 
Tiny globes of subliminal wetness designed for our gain

Drops of forming rain water roam the vast skies
The thin wetness raising from sea and mighty ocean
Then downward at their designated chosen place to die
Dry soil is given the kiss of new life quickens to motion
Black to green dust to soil new life we do not deny

Love it when it rains hard and my garden pond is shimmering
Like a sheet of champagne bubbles playing tinkling tune
Water from Yorkshire Dales or perhaps Mediterranean silvering
Pond plants stand to attention each catching a tiny water balloon
Water from across the world now joining like having builders in

The fountain throws up silver droplets to meet the falling rain
Whilst the water fall drops diamonds on the moving mirror
The soggy blackbird stands on the rocks around the waters edge
But the goldfish and different coloured shubunkin flash and dart
Happy in the pond provided and the pond I ponder and check