The Crown in the Cradle

The wooden manger was filled with straw
So much of it  had spilled on the floor
Fresh water from the well now filled the pail
Reflecting stars in the sky with dancing glow
All was dry and animals stood and sat so still

Mary was ready to dismount and rest awhile
Joseph had a mind full of thoughts and plans
Both had intentions with a pile of Caesar’s coins
Pay the demanded sum get the tick on the list
Taxes and death are wages we cannot foil

Bethlehem was selected as a battle ground.
Heaven was to invade here with a victory village
The campaign started among the cattle sounds
The village used to daily tillage now so privileged
The baby boy had no soft toys only a certain crown

Jesus was born the promised Saviour of all men
Of every colour from all nations differing languages
God’s love completely envelopes the whole world

The Saviour wrapped divine purpose with simple words
Children climbed on his knee and laughed at truth heard

The wood of the manger similar to the wood of the cross
Olive trees – Cedar trees – Almond trees – Pine trees
Along side the Oak the Eucalyptus and the Judas trees
Yet we are aware it is the crucified LORD not the wood
It is his spilt blood not the iron nails that saves and heals

(Written 63rd Wedding Anniversary by Frank Rowley December 10th 2018).