The Book or The Bomb?

Hunslet library 1942 was an imposing stone landmark 
A place of polish and quietness and hushed whisper
Two well dressed ladies with pens, frowns often stark
Book piles at desk, tickets, no sight of a noisy transistor 

Men’s section, women’s section, children’s section 
Solid wooden bookshelves all set in precise aisles
Large volumes on history, dry political on each election
Super Blyton books and secret books bringing smiles

Bombs fell from the sky, searchlights beamed in dark
War did not listen to red ‘silence please’ on library panels
Dust rumble in piles on polished floors, dynamite marks
Library bible, untouched truth flows, deep wide channel.

Did I see this, or is my ageing imagination over coloured
Certainly bomb shrapnel was collected from Windsor Place
Lads in jerseys and holey shoes proved they were not dullards
We checked the Library walls later looking for holes and spaces!

Frank Rowley December 2016