Terence Martin

Reverend Terry Martin D, Eccl, Studies. Terry was born in 1943, into a Christian home, with believing Christian parents. He was brought up in Castleford in West Yorkshire.
The family attended the local Brethren Assemblies, where Terry gave his heart to the Lord Jesus Christ and trusted in Him as Saviour. Terry was only ten years of age when he was saved. “Let the little children come to Me” Walking in obedience to the Word of God he was baptized through Believers Baptism aged sixteen in 1958. 

As part of the Cutsyke Young Peoples Witness Team, under the guidance and leadership of John Hallas to whom Terry owes so much in the way of sound Bible teaching and encouragement, he was involved in witnessing and preaching in the villages in North and West Yorkshire.

At the age of seventeen he was called to preach the Gospel at an Evangelical Church on the outskirts of Huddersfield. Terry accepted the appointment with only 24 hours notice. His distinctive preaching ministry continues to this very day. He bases his straight down the line ministry on the Ministry of the Lord Jesus who when He spoke to people He used things people could relate to and know about, i.e., “Shepherds about sheep, fishermen about fish, and tax collectors about money.”

For twenty-eight years Terry served in Special Constabulary, part of that time as Divisional Chaplain for the Pontefract division of the West Yorkshire Police playing a vital role in the Hickson and Welsh chemical disaster. Mr Helliwell was the Chief Constable at that time. 
Terry has also been active in Radio broadcasts and TV documentaries.
Currently appointed as Chaplain at Asda Superstore in Castleford and is well known and respected by staff and customers alike.

Rev Terry Martin serves on the Council of FEM. Working as an Evangelist and Deputation speaker for the FEM. Taking the display stands to conferences and conventions and spreading the Gospel in this front line outreach. 

His pulpit and preaching style is powerful in its sincerity and simplicity. Believing the Bible to be the Living Word of God, fully inspired by God, and containing the authority of God to bring full Salvation to all those who personally trust in Jesus for their eternal destiny.
Terry Martin in his Bible preaching is direct and penetrating; his anointed ministry reaches heart, mind and conscious leaving those listening to the Gospel with one of two important choices to make, simply to accept or to reject our Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour. Each one present is then left with one final decision. Good, sound evangelistic preaching. When did you last hear it in your Church Services?

On the important practical side of ministry Terry Martin speaks, so as to be heard at the back of the place of worship. He does not mutter or murmur to himself. When he preaches the trumpet sounds clearly for all to hear.
Uncluttered by triviality his ministry is laced with Scripture, pathos, humour, and a certainty of his calling as a Preacher of the Glorious Gospel. Terry is interesting to listen to and thought provoking in heart and mind.
He is what I call ‘A breath of fresh air in the pulpit’ and a real man of God. 

Invite him to your Church!