Sermon Outlines

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Colours of the Trinity

Sound of the trumpet

A man remembers and many people rejoice

Man with his mountain

The pomegranate tree and the plot of land

Healing hands

Changing the customs

Water into wine

Sign of the olive leaf

Great gladness at the gate

Who is this?

Voices in the Valley

Four Men bring a Friend to Jesus

The Highwayman

Night of Despair, Dawn of Delight

Great Question, Great Answer

A Blind Man Sees and Sighted Men are Blind

Men of Honest Report, and Reports of Dishonest Men

The Broken Box

Highway of Blessing, in a Barley Field

Harvest Home but for How Long?

What Time did the Star Appear?

Star in the Sky

Evangel Enters Europe

Liberating Power of the Lord Jesus Christ

The Saviour and Significance of a Sycamore Tree

Master and Majesty on the Mountain

Hard Stones and Soft Clay

Prophet in a Pit

Hour of Faith, Hook of Faith

Wonder of a Bowl of Water

Knife Edge of Worship

Long Wait and a Lighted Lamp

Smoking Furnace and Lighted Lamp

Sadness in the Crowd, Gladness of Christ Jesus

Meeting at Midnight and its Meaning

Brushstrokes of Biblical Truth

The Favoured Whom Forget

Meaning and Message of Israel and the Old Covenants

Meaning and Message of Jesus Christ and the New Covenant

Meaning and Message for Israel, the Church and the Eternal Covenant

The Open Window

Positive People of Prayer

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Refusal and Reaction

The Message and Meaning of the Menorah

What is the weather like in your area?

Fire on the Beach

Behold the Man

To see Redemption look beyond the Rockets

Why did God become a Man?

There is a path which the vulture’s eye hath not seen

That They May Become Perfectly One

The Heavenly Vision

All Wrapped Up

His Marvellous Light

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