Seeking and Serving the Lord in 2018

Three hundred and sixty five 24 hour days
Thats a good number of considerations
With so many wonderful different ways
Countless opportunities to build foundations
On the Book of the Ever Living Lord of Glory

Along with many thoughtful Christian believers  
I think it best to commence at the true beginning
Through the heavenly library open to all receivers
Genesis is good solid ground on with to build
Better than Attenborough and Hawkins –  underachievers?

Faith can easily grasp the present moment
No need for a million million years of useless space
The Lord is good, with gifts of daily bestowment
His truths of salvation are wrapped in tender love
Touching our earth and God’s heaven above.

Faithful believers face daily dark  personal pressure
Spiritual attack from Satan is regular and challenging
Overcoming is the Christians common round and task
Victory in the strength of the blessed Holy Spirit
The mighty Cross of Calvary is our standing victorious mast

Blessings spring like fountains of cascading diamonds
We are clothed with colours of beauty and grace
Each day our songs of praise precede our prayer requests
Our Living Lord both hears and speaks to hearts and minds
Each day leads us to a brand new heaven of unthinkable joy

So we realise as believers we are where we are today
Not by chance or choice but by divine assignment
In line with the book of books and still speaking prophets
We seek the blessed knowledge of the Book of Revelation
Our faith links us to friends in Wesley Spurgeon Booth Bingham

Hogg Topham Hall Moore Miles Palliser and Lloyd-Jones
Come readily to thankful heart and dancing minds
Great men who stood for the Lord with faith and memorable flair
The list is endless these modern prophets tied to biblical prophets
All have sent the saving gospel of Jesus Christ to the end of the world