Preachers Precious Points

Gospel preachers are a real fact of life
History tells of their witness through strife
One Bible book only is used in open witness
Their geography centre’s around Calvary
For that place alone removes human malady

They are always acknowledged by all hearers
Perhaps with bitterness perhaps with happiness
It matters little what the reaction may unfold
The approval of God rests gently on their soul
His blessings have them safe within His fold

The cradle at Bethlehem was made of wood
It was a baby cry pointing to where it stood
Three crosses made of timber rough stained
The middle red with spilt and innocent blood
So powerful able to save as He said He would

This alone is the preachers truthful message
Truth is the essence of the Gospel nothing less
It is the greatest heavenly truth heard on earth
Lots of people across time received new birth
Today a look at the Cross gives sanctified worth

Are you today feeling the divine call to preach
Have you the gift and ability to preach and teach
Join the Fellowship of Ministers & Evangelists
Make the world your parish go reach the need
Just do it for your call is real best move with speed