The following poems is included in memory of Kathleen May Lawson.

It is a tribute to her wonderful Christian life and Preaching Ministry in the Churches and Fellowships in and around Leeds. Kathleen was my friend.

My Testimony
The Wonder of it
The Notable Prisoner
The Woman who touched Jesus
One Way
Prayer Changes Things
Messiah Comes
In His StepsIn His Steps
Fully Furnished

Do the Next Thing by Tobi
Heartache over Kishinev by Chaim Nachman Bialik
The Lord Jesus Himself by K. Staines
Man on the Tree by George Cutting
Red Poppies by Laurence Binyon
Perfecting its Colour Pattern by A. T. Pierson
No Fear
My God, How Great Thou Art by E. S. Haddow.
Simplicity of the Gospel by William Cowper
The Soldier by Rupert Brooke
The Cross by John Newton
In His Hands by John Campbell Shairp
We had so many plans, but such little time
No Graves on the Hillsides of Heaven
Solitude by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
You Are….by Hannah Rowley
Is it God’s Will? by Daphne H. Fallaize
A Precious Saviour by Daphne H. Fallaize
Halfway by Linda Carter
What Would Jesus Do?
My Hat by Vera G. Taylor
Highlight by Arthur Curtis
Isabelle in our hearts by Robert and Lisa Dickinson
What colour is the wind? by Charlie Landsborough
Watercolour Class by Barbara Patterson
Discover the Illusive by Sylvie Eyral
When Earth’s Last Picture is Painted by Rudyard Kipling
Time in a Bottle by Winifred Devaney
Michael by Josie Midgley
Green Grass and Prayerlessness
Preaching Patterns
The Fire
Always at the Centre
Word Pictures in Colour by T.T. Lynch
Looking back and looking forward
Gardening God’s Way
The Fisherman’s’ Prayer
He Lives by Ruby Moss
Remember by Christina Georgina Rossetti
Never Failing Name by E. Rowat
On Purple Cover by Frank Rowley
He’s Always There by David Pell
My Special Granddad by Caroline Jowett
Just a click for truth using technology
Continuing Christian Conflict by Frank Rowley
Different is Better by Frank Rowley
What Will be Different by Frank Rowley
Are you Accepted or Rejected? by Frank Rowley
The Book or The Bomb by Frank Rowley
It’s Happening by Frank Rowley
Silent Friend by Frank Rowley
Day Trip by Frank Rowley
Living Moving Reflections by Frank Rowley
On Track with Gospel Tract Truth by Frank Rowley
Remembrance Day Verse by Frank Rowley
Painting a Watercolour by Frank Rowley
Seeking and Serving the Lord in 2018 by Frank Rowley
Superglue and Salvation by Frank Rowley
Rapture in the Clouds by Frank Rowley
Hope by Emily Dickinson
Steel Grip by Frank Rowley
Beyond the Window by Frank Rowley
The Box by Frank Rowley
How Good is the Lord we adore by Frank Rowley
A Lecture in the Lords by Frank Rowley
The Triathlon Truth by Frank Rowley
Remembrance Day Thoughts by Frank Rowley
The Crown in the Cradle by Frank Rowley
Leeds City Council Tax Letter by Frank Rowley
Truth by Frank Rowley
Inspiration from Isolation by Frank Rowley
Seeing Jesus The Second Time by Frank Rowley
The Pond That I Ponder by Frank Rowley
Awareness in the Avenue by Frank Rowley
Love On A Thin White Line by Frank Rowley
Sorting Out Our Sorrows by Frank Rowley
I Have Never Seen Snow In My Life! by Frank Rowley
Books Give New Directions by Frank Rowley
Genesis: Communion To Coffin by Frank Rowley
Exodus: Comings and Goings by Frank Rowley
Leviticus: What Where the How by Frank Rowley
Numbers: How Many Did You Say? by Frank Rowley
Deuteronomy: Learning the Lesson by Frank Rowley

Preachers Precious Points by Frank Rowley