Pen Portraits

Is Preaching Outdated?

This portfolio of past and present day preachers may answer the question for you. We firmly believe in the ‘Supremacy of Scripture and the Primacy of Preaching’
“Preaching as an ordinance is part of God’s good pleasure. It is the Sacrament. Of all the acts of worship it is the most helpful. Churches grieve God’s Spirit when they ignore or depreciate preaching.” (Dr. Dinsdale Young).

Frame 1 Dinsdale T. Young

Frame 2 G. Campbell Morgan

Frame 3 James Denney

Frame 4 T. De Witt Talmage

Frame 5 William Booth

Frame 6 Alexander Whyte

Frame 7 James Morison

Frame 8 F. B. Meyer

Frame 9 Daniel J. Draper

Frame 10 John Wesley

Frame 11 C. H. Spurgeon

Frame 12 Arnold Hogg

Frame 13 Terence Martin

Frame 14 Gary J. Hall

Frame 15 David Moody

Frame 16 O. George Miles

Frame 17 Dr. M. Lloyd-Jones

Frame 18 John Kelman

Frame 19 Arthur Pink

Frame 20 Eddie Moore