Painting on slate

Clouds of dust were swirling about the old church building; part of it was being attacked by Leeds Council workmen with mechanical diggers who were quickly reducing it to a pile of rubble. I watched for a moment and noticed the slate roof tiles being dumped into the skip. “Are they any use to you? Said the foreman to me. “I could possibly use a few whole tiles to paint pictures on as supports”. He liked the idea saying “They have survived over a hundred years on this church roof, why put those tiles in a landfill if you can use them?”

At various times I have painted on canvas in oils and acrylic, more often painting on quality watercolour paper with beautiful watercolour pigments. I have never professed to be an expert in any of these mediums, but I do confess to gaining immense pleasure from painting for the sheer enjoyment of creating simple pictures in colour. Passing on this joy to other people and encouraging them to have a go at art is a continuing pleasure to me.

Slate is a fine grained rock that can be split into thin layers and has been used as roofing and paving material in the building trade for centuries. It varies from dark grey to a soft purplish or bluish colour, lovely natural colours of the earth. 

The two pictures displayed below are painted in acrylic quick drying colour, over a solid white undercoat as a base leaving a little margin for a simple natural edge to the painting. 

2017-08-29 18.14.22

So material destined for the rubbish tip has been transformed into pictures and paintings bringing pleasure to family and friends in this country and abroad.