Painting on Holiday

Recently whilst on holiday in Seahouses by the sea in Northumberland with family and three granddaughters I felt it would be interesting to set up a painting session with them.
Bethany, Hannah and Rebecca had enjoyed trips to Holy Island, had seen the sea cover the Causeway. We had walked the beach and checked the temperature of the North Sea by paddling in it, travelled up to Scotland calling at Spittle, Berwick on Tweed. Eyemouth, Burnmouth, and St. Abbs.

I bought a little box of tubes containing watercolour paints for £1.50 and ten brushes for £1.00 with a small paper watercolour- pad. We had a great time, the girls were producing works of art every ten minutes lots of laughing, plenty of moaning. This sky is wrong; the trees are a funny shape the sea is going uphill! Wonderful. Help me with this – help me that, can you do it now? I knew it would a time of gentle relaxation and peaceful tranquillity.


The cheap box of paints contained a chart on colour mixing which I have cut and pasted to two little pictures I have painted with my three girls I almost said students! Slave drivers more like it. Local scenes at Beadnell with the old limekilns by the harbour and a beach scene with couple with dog (of course it’s a dog.)


One does not have to spend a fortune to paint and it is a great way of entertaining angels whose lives and hands are full of colour.