Painting a Watercolour

Certainly an interesting project to ponder
How to do it is quite another matter
Controlling ones thoughts needs discipline
They run in the mind often they scatter
Best fix the focus on the drawing board of paper

Stretched on the mounting board drum-like tight
Beautiful white, like a field of unmarked snow
The challenge stares out and says “You dare”
I make the breakthrough by going bottom right
Quickly my name is clearly written, date added too

Formula time  to Have Some More Fun
H stands for horizon line faintly pencilled in
S represents the designated sky area
M is the central middle part of the watercolour
F is last to be considered – the foreground

The often used watercolour paintbox is opened
The slabs of colour pigment lay like precious jewels
Silent possible creation does not stir, move or talk
Waiting for the sable brush and clean clear water
A time and a place will be captured on the waiting paper

Colour needs order to make it dance, mix and sing
Particles of pigment will be joined together side by side
Cadmium blue and ultramarine with alizarin for sky
Yellows and blues for grasses and trees and meadows
Best use the various siennas for rocks stones and beaches

Balance and tone are the elements that clothe the painting
Light and dark distinguishing each detail and section
Paler in the background deeper, stronger in the foreground
A touch of red will light and liven the watercolour painting
A bright highlight brings the painting alive

Frank Rowley 2017