On Track with Gospel Tract Truth

Farmers scatter seed across the soils of their land
Costly seed of potential life giving crops of food
It will fall into the silent ground and cry out with life
A million miracles will be seen in row after row
Line after line stands waving in sun and wind and rain

Harvest time brings happiness after death in the soil
Heaven has touched our green and pleasant nation
The fields of the Lord are filled with human work effort
Yet his promise is of divine pleasure in divine promise
The Lord is really the supreme Lord of the harvests

In the Book of Genesis 3:22 in flaming words of certainty
The Lord wrote: While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest,
and cold and heat and summer and winter, and day and night
shall not cease. What a promise what a purpose what a plan
Christian believers celebrate the ingathered harvest with joy

The farmers have their seeds in stout bags and strong sacks
I have my harvest seed in my leather wallet – a recent present
The quality harvest seed I am now using came from Liverpool
Gospel tracts of truth containing many life giving scriptures
My intention is to sow this precious seed in Leeds and district

I will sow the tract seeds in waiting rooms and surgeries
Market stalls and spaces. Magazines and book stands
Dentists are a good place to leave them in out of date papers etc
Pets shop are fine for seed among the seed for parrot and canary
Menu stands in cafes and restaurants are regular recipients

Making every shopping trip a tract seed sowing trip of potentially
Heaven knows where the seed is placed – may faith become food
May people in the busyness of life may find rest and redemption
The answers to human need is found in saving unchanging truth
The Cross at Calvary speaks louder and clearer than world disasters

Jesus referred to himself a grain of wheat ready to fall and die
His death would be victorious in every detail. Men were involved
Herod Pilate Judas Disciples Mothers Women Soldiers Priests ..
Some of them did their satanic worst and Jesus rose to the heights
Sin was defeated in his red blood and glory filled the empty sepulchre

Frank Rowley 12th September 2017