On Purple Cover

Our church is inviting and open
Simple chairs set in line
Filled by people with expectancy
Welcome received more than a token
Hearts knowing it is a special time
Seeking answers to matters of complexity.

Believing prayer preceded all who sit
Heaven engaged with cords of power
When two agree on matters of eternal worth
Life’s broken pieces reformed to perfect fit
He who promised steps into the hour
And Heavens love touches Hunslet’s earth.

The pulpit place is prepared and fitting
On purple cover an open bible ready
Sharing the reading are ten generations
Who in the past once sat where we are sitting
Living Bible ministry builds lives strong and steady
With love, purpose and witness in conversation.

Supremacy of scripture and primacy of preaching
Core values the foundation where we stand
Our imagination blessed with inspiration
In service for our Saviour ever reaching
Precious people, local and across the land
For preachers of truth have known perspiration.

Dry theology they leave at home
Truth is better received fresh on delivery
New and fresh bread preferred to old and stale
It is evident our preacher is not a clone
Filled with joy the message is spoken with sincerity
In faith beyond reason the Lord Jesus here alive, real.