O. George Miles

Rev. George Miles was my Pastor for many years.
His ministry of God’s Word in those early years made a profound impression on my life and prepared me for the Ministry and service for the Lord Jesus Christ. He loved the Lord and he loved the Church of the Lord at Bridge Street Pentecostal Church in Leeds. His evangelistic gospel ministry was powerful, simple to understand and effective to the Salvation of hundreds precious life’s. He preached for decisions and results in the Gospel, he was a gospel preacher using biblical ministry of Sin, Righteousness and Judgement to come, He preached Christ Jesus crucified, shedding His Precious Blood for the remission of human sin on the Cross of Calvary. He knew no other kind of preaching. Pastor Miles was not a pulpit entertainer with meaningless worldly trash and triviality. He had no gimmicks or tricks he was a first class minister of the saving gospel of Jesus Christ not a third rate speaker of the shadows. Pastor Miles preached and always made an appeal for people to get saved from their personal sin right there and then. He preached for the moment not for the morrows. God mightily honoured his servant, almost every time he preached the gospel of grace people repented asked for forgiveness and got saved. He was my Pastor, gifted and gracious and understanding. I loved him and I looked up to him as a man of God.

He was born in the little village of Horley in Sussex. Enjoyed living in the countryside with his loving, caring, and hard working family. Mr Miles his father worked on the Railway. Pastor Miles often referred to those days, his family life and incidents in the village, and always with affection.

He came to know Jesus as his personal Saviour through his attendance at the village Sunday school and a loving teacher who led him to the Lord. What a work she did that Sunday for the future work of God through the faithful ministry of Pastor O. G. Miles.

Soon he was involved in conducting services in the local chapels and churches, his style of preaching was direct, gentle and absolutely Bible based. That was his way, reliant on the Word of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. He was a total believer in the Power of God to save and bless and change any life for the better.

Pastor and his dear wife accepted the call to leave the countryside in Sussex and travel north to the City of Leeds in Yorkshire. It was a brave decision for the little family to make at the time. It was the right decision without a doubt, what an impact this move made in the church establishment in Leeds. He was to build on the wonderful work of Pastor T. H .Jewitt an exceptional man at Mount Tabor Church and the campaigns of Principle George Jeffries which resulted in thousands flocking into the services. The young Evangelist from Sussex stepped into the pulpit with a gospel message each week and each week people knelt at the penitent form. Pastor Miles gave the Glory to God, acknowledging all previous ministries and the volume of prayer that attended his Biblical preaching ministry by hundreds of believing born again Christians. He preached, they prayed and God proved His Power to save to the uttermost.

We expected things to happen at every single service and Praise God they did. The church was alive with Truth, Power and an awareness that God was adding to the church almost daily. Pastor George Miles always made an appeal at the end of his sermon. He preached to reach the heart, mind and will of the hundreds who came under the sound of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His gentleness in seeking to lead those under the conviction of sin was touching and real it was charged with Power from on High. It was indeed the voice of the Saviour of men calling for them to come and receive the gift of eternal life right there and then. That was the moment, and the place, that was time to seek the Lord Jesus Christ of the New Testament. No gimmicks no silly promises or any flashing Powerpoint presentations. It was heavenly in every way for God was in that place and it was Holy Ground. Men were as nothing and the Lord Jesus Christ was the absolute ruler of the universe. “Come to Me for I alone am the Saviour of Men” and come they did, finding new life in Jesus alone. 
Pastor George Miles was an appealing preacher in the truest and most wonderful way. When did you last hear a direct appeal from the Pulpit in your church when did you last see people kneeling in prayer, when did you last pray for this to happen.
Pastor Miles loved the Lord, he loved and was proud of his lovely family Mrs Miles his daughters Ruth and Olive, sister Daisy and his wonderful parents who came also to live in Leeds and sit under the Ministry of one so close to them all.
I write with a deep sense of appreciation and love for Brother Miles a preacher and pastor to the household of God and minister of the Glorious Gospel of redeeming Love.

A Collection of the writings of Pastor Miles and included with the permission and blessing of his daughter’s Ruth and Olive.

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