Notes on Technique

William Stanley Short

Following on from our previous article in Frank’s Studio, Stanley has kindly made a number of short notes about style and technique in watercolour painting.

(1) Keep it simple: this is not easy but it looks so.

(2) As much as possible, use only one coat.

(3) Use sharp changes of colour: let first coat dry then bring up adjacent coat without over-lapping.

(4) Soft changes of colour; bring wet coats together.

(5) Don’t bring wet coat up against a semi-dry coat. However painting a tree for example will probably use both these techniques, likewise in a sky.

These are only suggestions which generally work well for me. Other painters e.g. Russell Flint use several superimposed coats but I think this is more suitable for the studio than outside on site.

Important – Paint on site as much as possible. Speed is essential in most cases. Practise outside will lead to developing your own personal style.

Use as large a brush as possible. Most of my painting is done with a No twelve sable which I have had many years.

If it cannot be done with this brush, it will generally be left out.