My Hat

I went to the shop to buy a hat
which would not fit, just fancy that!
I tried on hats all the day long,
And felt that something must be wrong.
Every hat was much too tight,
This really could not be right.
I’ve never had this trouble before
Trying hats on by the score
Every hat I tried was just the same
I wondered if I was to blame.
What could I do to make things right?
And find a solution to my plight.
I would go and have a bite to eat
And give myself a wonderful treat.
There were many things I could peruse,
Which of the dishes would I choose?
One on the menu caught my eye,
I had never heard of humble pie.
This was something which was very new,
Perhaps I ought to take a bite or two.
Would it be easy to digest?
Should I put this pie to the test?
I ate a little, and then some more,
I’d try hats on by the score.
Back to the milliner’s I went
And soon my money had been spent,
It’s funny this hat fits me now
All trimmed up with a fancy bow.
It must be the humble pie I ate
Given to me by God on a plate,
Whoever we are, whatever we do,
Do it for God, and never for you.

by Vera G Taylor
Member of Sunbridge Road Mission, Bradford, Yorkshire