Monkey Puzzle coastline cliffs

Scenes from Sandsend

A gem of a subject


Painting out of doors brings a great sense of freedom to the artist.

I selected a place and settled on the sands, all my painting materials within reach.  Many subjects presented themselves, views of the rolling sandy beaches, the busy noisy seas, and the splendid quite strength of the coastline cliffs. Did those cliffs still hold secret supplies of Jet, perhaps the next storm and high seas would bring fossil collectors a lucrative answer?

The painting shown in this little article is a lovely mix of all those natural elements. The birds were circling in sky and a boat sailed slowly across the horizon.

The peace I was enjoying was shattered when an unexpected gust of wind swept over my outdoor studio and whipped up several sheets of quarter imperial watercolour paper. They were flying like white kites in the sky. Chasing after them in the sand made me realise I was a little out of training for cross country running. I caught all the sheets except one, it had been blown far out over the sea, eventually it settled in the salty waves and floated in the water.

Some people throw bottles with messages into the oceans I just send watercolour paper without even a signature on it. Perhaps that was the sheet on which a masterpiece was to have being painted. I will never know.

Keep on enjoying your painting where ever you are.