Love On A Thin White Line

By Frank Rowley 19 December 2020.

What an amazing weight a piece of string can hold
With little flashes of white showing between colours
Some of the Christmas cards are pale some are bold
Love hangs down in strong messages some are subtler 
Heavenly love spread by human hands turns faith gold

The strong white string has laid in my study drawer
For years now – but at Christmas season it is retrieved 
It will hold with strength the cries of One we all adore
Bethlehem has come to Leeds telling of One conceived 
Straw –  changed to printed card my heart begins to soar

A piece of string a printed card bring a display of PEACE
The Lord Jesus Christ is titled Prince of Peace ceaselessly
For a world at war for broken hearts a gift now freely given 
He came to restore rebuild redeem so let us accept gleefully
Stronger than steel armoured weaponry touch white linen

The promised One duly arrived at the prophesied place-time
He came to win back the lost broken lonely not to lose any
His words of truth brought light his personal touch gave healing
His followers  are beyond numbers are you among the many?
To know him is to love him in his perfection he is so appealing 

The hanging cards of love have come from Leeds Liverpool 
Edinburgh Swansea Southampton Derby Coventry Castleford 
Looking at the lovely coloured cards is like been at art school 
Each written message fills heart & mind with heavenly accord
Joy for today hope for tomorrow let’s follow the golden rule

(Written as a tribute to Dr Bethany Sarah Rowley BA.,MA.,PhD.)