Living Moving Reflections

Heavenly moments of sharing the Saviour’s command
There’s a wholeness in broken bread and poured out wine
The sheer happiness of holiness filled my heart with joy
The brokenness of spirit and of soul restored – made new
Like minded believers sit knowing the Cross is true

Scripture from Isaiah is remembered and quoted
The prophesied Cross long waited for, delivered deliverance
Matthew Mark Luke and John each testify to Jesus at Calvary
His amazing grace and divine love evidenced in his flowing blood
Powerful in eternal forgiveness for each member of the life of faith

Stewards pleased to serve as servants of the living Redeemer
Hold with steady hands the broken bread and poured out red
Now distributed among the obedient expectant modern day Christians
Sunday worship is soul building with inner peace giving strength
The Lord of Glory blesses the depths of our spirit soul and body

The little glass of red wine was cushioned gently in my hand
Waiting for all believers to receive their individual cup
Such is our Hunslet way of sharing in the meaningful communion
The light above was dancing in the cup, living moving reflections
So will be our personal lives as we leave to lovingly witness to others

Frank Rowley 11th September 2017