Leeds City Council Tax Letter

Imagine too a Letter from the Lord.

A Poem written on World Poetry Day 2019
by Frank Rowley.

This letter dropped on the floor by the house door
The Leeds counsellors money needs are increasing
Telling of amazing work progress yet needing more
Money money money is the tune which they sing
It is a moving pleading song wanting a guarantor

Leeds needs more uniformed police on the street
The fire service requires more financial funding
So for the safety of life and limb need fleet and beat
Cash is more important than flags and bunting
The government reducing grants all now bittersweet

Despite the uncertain times we need maintain vision
The prospects for future economic growth is robust
The city has a skilled central workforce with division
University’s and a growing infrastructure building trust
So let’s keep all that’s good and successful with provision

Raising your council tax is never our fault you know that!
We will continue our actions policy by taking your cash
In so doing we can protect all Leeds front line services
Only a tiny amount say a £1 a week or a £50 year splash
So be calm and rational in this tiny matter be affirmative

In the quite hours of the morning peace and gentle light
What would my response be to a yearly letter from heaven
From the Lord of all creation including every city in the world
By the Word of Power he spoke and universes begun spinning
Jesus supports all creation in love and Christians in particular

What would be the necessary increases required from me
Could it be more Prayer is required on a regulated timescale.
Are tithes-offerings to my church fellowship at correct amount
Perhaps more personal study of God’s living word is needed
Could the daily walk with Christ Jesus be more rewarding?

(Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling.
Blessed are all they that put their trust in him). Psalm 2: 11-12.