Just a click for truth using technology

Technology is both tricky and inviting 
But with a little help can be so exciting 
Let’s use our iPads, laptops, and iPhones
Vital earth changing thoughts discharged with a click

Facebook reflects the thoughts of people
Ideas from around the world sound out
Some are as delightful and colourful
And perfect as an English church steeple.

But, oh yes there is the usual but
Postings of many are difficult to like
Mean nothing and say so little
Fill us with frustration already brittle.

It is hard to appreciate the plate of food
So lovingly posted by our gastronomic friends
We get their breakfast dinner and tea to see
Perhaps they should just eat the latest trends

Weather is a favourite subject on show
Graphic postings of heavy rain in Liverpool or Leeds
Floods fills many postings and explain the anguish of
Sapping carpets and floating sandwiches

Facebook links friends near and far
Communication though the finger of friendship
Their postings light up the shadows of our sky
With the beauty of the northern star.

Facebook is excellent for Christian witness
It enables the invisible truth to be grasped
Believers can show delight in the revelation 
Their faith may lay a living foundation 

Petitions for this, that and the other
Cover the pages like spots on a Dalmatian 
Include guns, food banks. NHS. weather, running in rain
Many love to promote their precious petition!

Is it better to be positive rather than negative on FB
Is it better to spread happiness rather than dripping misery
Is it better to pray and look to heaven
Than to look at our feet on the wet earth?

We have five nations on five fingers
Some people wear rings on their fingers
But others have England, Nigeria, USA, India, Canada
Nations are just people and people can be FB friends

Truth of Calvary’s Cross is shared daily on FB
Witness to the Saviour’s love leaps across waves
Hearts are blessed and loneliness dispelled 
Warmth and inspiration can dance in the darkness