It’s Happening

Twice a year, our two churches join in Gospel worship 
Perhaps it should be more often, for happy blessing abounds
At Ardsley the welcome received is warm and expressive
Believing Christians are encouraged by faith and friendship 
The living message is caught on audio and given to the world

Is a fine place of history and fine sparkling waterways
An old castle is reflected with old boats and new ducks
Sitting quietly on the arched bridge is Busy Lizzie
No, not a woman rather a restaurant serving fish and chips
Our extended family meet there, pass the vinegar and the salt.

Part of Leeds industrial past of steam trains, nail making, and glass
Rather quieter these days, yet the Gospel truth is preached and shared
Flowing from our church via personal witness and internet audio
Community outreach is exciting the three minute bell still rings 
Tuesday Ladies Group is designed to bless and encourage the men!