In His Steps

Have you ever stopped to ponder,
As the world goes rushing on,
On that wonderful Redemption
Brought to you by God’s own Son,
He, the One who made the heavens
Formed the earth by His own Hand,
Grew the very Tree that bore Him,
All of it, by Him was planned.

When you travel, now so easy,
Do you ever feel amazed?
That there’s still a Hill called Calvary
Where Jesus for our sins was raised;
That His feet once trod the pathway,
Where today our feet may tread,
That there’s still the tomb of Joseph,
Where Jesus rose up from the dead.

The Galilean sea still surges,
Waves over which our Saviour trod,
Where He stilled the raging tempest,
Proved to them, that He is God.
There’s still a gateway where He entered,
In Jerusalem’s city wall,
Riding on the ass, triumphant,
When they hailed Him King over all.

How my heart just longs to go there,
Tread His footsteps, see His home,
Walk up on the Mount of Olives
And the Vale of Kedron roam,
See the stones in Herod’s courtyard
Where the soldiers mocked my Lord,
There the silence of the Saviour,
Proved love, mightier than the sword.

Yet more blessed is the knowledge,
Jesus walks with me, just here,
I will never leave, forsake you,
You will never need to fear;
This, His Word to me is precious,
Better far than worldly fame,
I can enter into Heaven
Through my Saviour’s lovely Name.