I Have Never Seen Snow In My Life

It is gently snowing in Leeds this morning I posted
On my daily iPad Facebook page 29 December
Just a simple observation shared with many hosts
It brought a reply from Imhoede in sunny Gboko
Situated in central Nigeria with much sun it boasts

My friend in the sun has never ever seen snow!
So a description was immediately dispatched via FB
Snow is soft white wet and cold good to photo
Pleasant to see white carpets on ground and tree
Best wear warm hat scarf gloves the perfect trio

I was surprised to learn there are many people
Who have never seen snow in their entire lives
For 85 years I have seen snow in Avenue & steeple
The tapestries of our lives are so varied different
Yet the truth of the Saving Gospel is as the eagle

Cold snow or perhaps hot sunshine – truth is there
It reaches the four corners of our spinning globe
The glorious Saving Gospel does not lessen or wear
It’s power to save is like an all embracing robe
Of salvation safety peace contentment free as air

Our destination in heaven is a perfection location
The exact condition is beyond my thought processes
It’s majesty and glory is seen in high elevation
Let’s continue each day to witness and progress
Reaching and winning people that compose creation

By Frank Rowley 29 December 2020