by Linda Carter

I’m knitting a jumper for my husband that is true
I think it’s going to be an Aran and yes it’s going to be blue
I’ve been knitting it for ages but I’ve only got halfway thro
And now I’m not sure if I like it and I don’t think he will too.
Maybe I should change my mind you see I’ve only got halfway.

I was going to paint the bedroom I started with a will
I painted all the skirting boards and then got to the window sill
And then I didn’t know if cream looked as good as white
And the runs on the paintwork looked quite a sight.
Maybe I should change my mind and paint it pink what do you say?
I mean it doesn’t really matter does it? I’ve only got halfway

I was going to clean the carpet I knew where to get the stuff
I carted in the machinery and brushed away the fluff
I started in the hall just down by the front door
I got halfway thro and then thought, should we laminate this floor?
Or maybe I should just give up, leave it for another day
I mean I’m only halfway there, and then, what do you say?

Halfway is that all I’m prepared to give,
Halfway is that how I really live.
And then I think of Jesus he didn’t stop halfway
He hung there on Calvary while even God turned His face away
But that’s not the end of the story it took more than you’ll ever know
For Jesus to take our punishment and die for he loved us so

And yet there is even more, for dying was still halfway
For after he paid the price for our sin forever – 
He rose again on that wonderful third day
Don’t break the heart of Jesus don’t take half His love, take the whole
So wonderful the offer of eternal life let it saturate your soul
For halfway to deciding doesn’t answer the call
And halfway on the journey never gets you there at all.

Linda Carter attends Ossett Evangelical Church, Yorkshire. UK.