Gary J. Hall

GARY J. HALL L.Th. D.Th. is a gifted Bible preacher, teacher and expositor. 

He is a tall man, with a talent for spreading the Truth of the Gospel in his local Church, and his ministry has reached literally thousands of people in different countries, through the wonder of the World Wide Web.

I am pleased to write this article for Pen Portraits and place Gary firmly in the ‘Hall of Faith.!’

Gary Hall was born in the famous City of London in 1957 and raised in a Roman Catholic home. He was a rather serious young boy, in the fact; he had the desire and intention of training for the Priesthood at the earliest possible opportunity. That is a remarkable fact in itself, but the outcome of that early intention of the young lad – “There is a lad here” is even more remarkable.

The Lord of Glory who knows the desires of our hearts had His loving hand on Gary and at the age of seventeen the young man came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as his own personal Saviour. His heart changing experience of salvation through faith happened at the ‘Headquarters of the Liverpool City Mission’. It was the beginning of a wonderful chain of events for him, some good and some difficult, as it is when our hearts and lives are committed to Jesus Christ. 

Difficulties at home and various living accommodation problems of an unsettled nature gave Gary two years in which faith was severely tried and tested. Unsure for the future in the very difficult circumstances he was facing and wrestling with at that time. Gary’s thoughts reverted to becoming a Priest. Perhaps a monk with the Franciscan Order, like St. Francis. There was a place for him at a monastery in Guildford in Surrey. His desperate prayer to the Lord in seeking confirmation to this commitment was “Lord is it your Will that I should become a monk like St.Francis?”

The Lord answered that earnest cry for help and guidance in a tent! Attending a tent meeting in the local park Gary heard a Minister of the Gospel preaching from the Book of Nehemiah. His name was Derrick Bingham from Northern Ireland. God would use Derrick to answer Gary’s prayer. A crowd of around 500 were in the tent at the time. During the service the preacher turned and looked in the direction of Gary and said “God does not want you to become a monk like St. Francis.”
Here was the answer from the Lord of Heaven who hears and always answers prayer. He prevented Gary from becoming a monk in a monastery, for he was to make him a preacher in the pulpit. 

Was to be found at The Mission Church in Liverpool. Immediately at home in the ‘Mission’ Inspired Biblical preaching from Pastor Bolton and Christian fellowship and friendship now grounded Gary in the reality of his Redemption. Open air witness and giving out tracts in Liverpool he met Margaret (she was the one who asked all the questions regarding his standing with the Lord.) Some time later they were married at the Mission by the Pastor. Soon silver wedding bells will ring and rightly so, (March 29th!) They have served the Lord together for twenty five years. 

On the retirement of Pastor Bolton in 1986 Gary was invited to take over the leadership and Pastorate of the Church. His studies and application to the work of the Ministry has been blessed of the Lord. Sound Bible preaching giving insight to the timeless truths of God’s plan of Redemption, the Lord leading each step of the way. His Name being glorified at all times in the Church. Jesus is Lord and His Word is honoured and obeyed. The name of the Mission became Living Word Bible Church in 1988. 

While on a visit to America Gary accepted an invitation to Preach the Word of God. He has an ongoing connection with Churches in Albania, along with members of Living Word Bible Church and visits Albania to conduct teaching ministry and help in practical matters too.

Gary J. Hall has built a Website of exceptional quality and power. It is recognized has one of the very best Christian websites winning many awards and commendations. Its pages contain so much truth so much Biblical exposition, with hundreds of messages from the Bible the Living Word of God. Covering countless themes, theology, and thought provoking ministry that warms the heart and stirs the mind. It is a site for all believers young and old, for new believers and for the more experienced Christian. The Word of God preached from the pulpit in Liverpool is destined to reach people in every country on every continent.

Gary Hall is a valued member of the the Executive Council. Heavily involved in the Teaching division of FEM as Course Tutor and Administrator of the Evangelistic Academy.  Sounding the Trumpet is the quarterly magazine edited and published by Gary Hall. This is a homiletical magazine designed to help and assist all who are engaged in preaching the pure Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 

He does all this in a gracious manner and with style and panache and humour. (He is my website manager too!) “My great desire is to see people coming to know Jesus as Saviour and Lord, to see backsliders returning, and to see the Church of Jesus Christ revived.” is Gary’s prayer, let us join him in prayer support. Working together for the Saviour of men and the extension of His Kingdom.