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At Times We Have To Do Unusual Things To Solve A Problem

Have You Made A Will?

The Seven “Togethers”

Saved and Rescued Twice Over

What to Study

It is all in the Name

The Greatest Jew that ever lived

People on the Great Plain

Websites and Wings

Books of the Bible

Pyramids of Scripture

A Heavenly Hello

Heaven on Earth for the Christian Believer


Colours of the Bible

Men of Destiny

They Talked Together

The Carpenter and the Dove

Pride of Place and Place of Pride

Talking Together

Linking His Great Name to our Personal Name

Quotable Quotes

What is the Gospel?

Facing up to Facebook

The Christian’s Use of Gospel Tracts

Christians with Hobby Horses

All Wrapped Up

Bottled Water

Hunslet AGM Frank’s Statement

Southport Devotional (FEM Business Meeting)


Walking Stick and Watercolours

Lifegiving Sermons

Light-giving Sermons

Newness in Sameness Sermons

Joyfulness in Sermons

Don’t Use Myths Sermons

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Balanced Humility Sermons

Direct Highway Sermons

Harvest Time Sermons

Accomplishment  Sermons

Gateway to Heaven Sermons

It Is Written – Psalm 117 Commentary

In the Walk-in Wardrobe

Show The Scars in Your Sermon

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

The Cockerel and the Conscience

Where’s The Free Gift?

Fear Not