Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

I heard Martyn Lloyd-Jones preach at the Hunslet Baptist Tabernacle in Leeds when I was a young man. That ministry has remained with to this day. It was preaching at its brilliant best. He was a master in the pulpit. He read from the great King’s James Family Bible that adorned the pulpit. He opened its large sized pages and spoke with instant authority and in the power of the Holy Spirit. The crowded building was filled with a sense of the presence of the Living God. It was holy ground. It was special, hearts were filled with expectancy, and minds were to be stirred with the exposition of Holy Scripture.
Born in South Wales, Dr Lloyd-Jones trained at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital and later practised as a physician and was assistant to the famous Lord Horder. After leaving medicine in 1927, he became the minister of a Welsh Presbyterian Church in Aberavon in South Wales. He was there until 1938 when he moved to London to share the ministry with Dr G. Campbell Morgan. This ministry lasted for 30 years until Dr Lloyd-Jones retired in 1968. He then fulfilled a wider preaching ministry and in writing.
All over the world in the most diverse situations are to be found men and women who owe an incalculable debt to his Bible based ministry.
He preached regularly, Sunday by Sunday, and with only one annual break each summer, faithfully expounding and applying the great truths of Holy Scripture to believer and non believer alike. In addition to that ministry on Friday evening he presided over further services and delivered notable series of expository and theological addresses to large audiences. The congregation at Westminster Chapel changed year by year; settled residents in London were probably in the minority. But for many – visitors and residents alike – Westminster Chapel became both a geographical and a spiritual point of reference alike, a place where they gained renewed strength and vision.
As a direct result of Dr Lloyd-Jones many of his hearers – particularly students and professional people – were brought to a personal saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and an even greater number of born again Christians were strengthened and firmly established in the faith.
His many books are a priceless gift to the Christian church and every serious preacher will have many of them in his study library. Series on Romans: Ephesians and Habakkuk are wonderful serious insights into the Sacred Scriptures. His love of our Lord Jesus Christ is evident on every page. 
‘Do you pray for the preachers of the Gospel? Do you realize what happens every time a man enters the pulpit, frail, fallible, weak, and yet called of God to be His representative, and an exponent of His glorious truth? Do you pray for preachers of the Gospel, in particular that they may speak boldly’? Today any man who preaches the simple Gospel will be criticized by the sophisticated and the learned. They say, Fancy in still believing the Bible: fancy believing in the virgin Birth, and the miracles. All that is out of date, it is antiquated, and the man is a fool! However we will continue to preach the Cross at every opportunity. We will not debate the Cross with them, we will preach the Cross.
With Paul we say ‘I am become a fool for Christ’s sake.’ Let us go on preaching boldly, come what may, relying on the Living God, not upon any man.