Different is Better

All things are changing and naturally evolving
Fashion was long, now it is short, pastel or deep colour.
Problems are born with regularity, some we are solving 
Face above water, feet on dry land, moving on to discover 
At times to be different is to be better.

People are the greatest mystery on this beautiful planet
Each one stands in their own right in their own place
They rightly stand clothed in the sparkling hues of granite
Some have the free unmerited favour of Grace.
At times to be different is to be better

To travel in thought with freedom across the created universe 
Not in massive air liner but the safety of a sitting room chair.
Thoughts quickly line up like soldiers, neatly dressed in verse
Red banners are unfurled and flutter heavenward in prayer
At times to be different is to be better 

Frank Rowley December 2016