Developing Watercolour Displays for Facebook

iPad Displays

Painters move on with their work, what shall the next project to be? Paint a new picture. Try a new colour. Enjoy happy accidents whilst working on a picture. It is emotional to see the watercolour flow off the sable brush and spread on the white sheet of quality paper. It has a life giving explosion of delight for the artist.

I have usually painted landscapes and seascapes of places visited on our family holidays. Happy memories in colour. Often these pictures make attractive displays for the series I write each day on Facebook, sharing truth and faith in Jesus the Saviour and Creator of the world. The whole of nature is filled with colour. Wherever we go, we travel in the long gallery of the Divine Artist.

So for each display project I select a suitable completed watercolour painting and put that on my Apple iPad in the photographic section. Then using an app called Phonto, recommended to me by Pastor Gary Hall, the details and wording are added to the witness display.

Choosing the size and style of font from the hundreds available is fun. Christian faith in the Gospel of the Cross can harness technology in a disciplined way.

So after much practice, questions and seeking advice one arrives at a modicum of competence in the painting of the watercolours and the design and creation of the iPad displays for the the Facebook  internet sites I am sharing Gospel witness with. Below an example of work done.