Day Trip

Scarborough is the nearest seaside town to Leeds
Parking the car by the Lifeboat station on the seafront
The resort was at its best, heaven filled with sunshine
The quiet sea as reflective like an mirror image glass
Little children paddled and splashed parents so proud

The varieties of dogs danced in sand yapping at water
Four legged money bundles on long leads, happy wagging
Harbour filled with bobbing boats, miles of curved ropes
Hundreds of masts metal or wood, talked to the clear sky
Piles and stacks of old lobster pots stood silent and bone dry 

Stalls of freshly caught seafood lined the harbour front
Little white plates of whelks, mussels, cockles and crab food
Bottled vinegar was free to coat the plate of choice, pepper too
Eat it standing or take it away, or sent it by post to Timbuktu 
Women in pinnies with smiles on their faces, pleas in their voices

How many varieties of ice cream flavour exist in the world?
They are all to be bought from shops on the Scarborough front
Serious thought with discussion so serious leads to final decision 
Rum and raisin has rhyme and style, large cone is my choice
We sit talking and licking, the little birds watching and pecking

Frank Rowley March 2017