David Moody

Rev. David Moody L.Th, D.Th. is a gifted and well loved speaker with a vast experience of preaching the Glorious Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. His faithful positive ministry has been used of God to bring blessing to many people in many places. Scripurally sound preaching of quality messages of truth has resulted in others coming to know the Lord Jesus and to trust in Him for salvation and the Gift of Eternal Life. John 3:16.

David’s preaching ministry is the fact that Jesus is glorified throughout his sermon and the Cross of Calvary is the central focus and cutting edge of love. Surely a pattern for preacher’s to follow in pulpit ministry of the Word of Life.

Born and brought up and educated in a South Yorkshire village. His father and mother both believers and practising Christians, with four children three sons and a daughter. David was the eldest child of the family. The boys were taught to be able to look after themselves and father supplied boxing gloves and a punch bag to help them do so. This useful early preparation and training, was a basis later in fighting the good fight of faith, over years of Bible ministry. Because we are saved, it does not follow one should be weak and soft. David’s father was a coal miner, a real man in a real and dangerous place of work.

At the age of thirteen and hearing the Gospel preached by a young evangelist from the Word of God of which he had some understanding David was uneasy at the truth of the Second Coming of Jesus for his own. He was unable to respond positively even when asked by the evangelist if he was saved. His heart said “No”. On arriving home after the service and now much convicted by the Holy Spirit of sin, he asked the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive his sin and become his Saviour and Lord. His heart now said “Yes” and David was born again that very second, for God is faithful to His Word

In six short months he was leading a young people’s group of seventy members, growing spiritually and searching the scriptures from day to day. Wonderful times of discovery of the truth of God’s Precious word and friendship with other young people. David was preaching the Bible from the age of fourteen. His lifetime work and ministry had started. He has continued to preach Christ. He has lifted up the Cross of Calvary and extolled the Son of God who died thereon.

Met and married Marilyn in 1959. They have enjoyed a good marriage over the years, with six children and eighteen grandchildren. God has blessed and saved many of the family. It is not an easy thing to balance the responsibility of family and home with all that entails, along with Studies of the Scriptures and the Work of the Ministry. David and Marilyn have done so in a very positive way. They are to be commended for their dedication in both areas.

David’s preaching that started in the villages of South Yorkshire has continued in various towns and cities. At the present time he is serving as the Pastor of the Birstall Community Church, in West Yorkshire. Also the ongoing work and mission of the Yorkshire Sunday School Camp remains of great importance to David and Marilyn, what a wonderful work for God that has proved to be, along with former Pastorates in Churches and Fellowships.

Travelling abroad to the Gulf, resulted in fruitful work in the Emirates in Dubai working with Arab people and other cultures too. “Go into all the world” David’s interests were broadened whilst in the Gulf he became very knowledgeable about the ship of the desert, the Camel and is willing to answer any question on the said animal!! 
Returning to the U.K. David would be invited to lead The Fellowship of Evangelistic Ministries as General Secretary, which he has faithfully carried out, with wisdom and tact and a deep belief of God’s purpose in this great work.

He writes regularly for Christian magazines. ‘Fragments’ and ‘Sounding the Trumpet’ for the Birstall Church and the Fellowship of Evangelistic Ministries respectively. 

David says “I thank God that He is still enabling me to be used for and by Him to the salvation of precious souls. The building up of His Church to the Glory of His wonderful and Precious Name”.