Books Give New Directions

The anticipation in picking up an unread book can be strong
What delights and thoughts lie quietly in enclosed pages
Books come in many thicknesses and sizes short and long
Ordinary folk have access to books as have clever sages
A new unknown world written in words to explore can’t be wrong

Google advises the first printed book in England around 1473
William Caxton the first Englishman to work and use a press
He printed references to the Trojan war in English language
Through this work with font and ink people were impressed
And reading gradually became as easy as eating a sandwich

Personally I believe the Holy Scriptures in the Bible crucial”
This living library of authors and writings by the Almighty
The Holy Spirit inspired each of the 66 statements all are truthful
Truth of heavenly origin flows in torrents from this quiet altar
It divides our thoughts and conscious none can remain neutral

In my home at Christmas time were several wrapped presents
Easy to guess what they were weight shape and touch indicated
Happy to see Captain Tom Moore ‘Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day’
Also Noel Fritzpartrick The Super vet ‘Listening To The Animals’
Monty Don’s ‘My Garden World’ beautiful book looked up at me

Dorothy and I have a joint BLB Bible Reading early each morning
In a calendar year we read and listen from Genesis to Revelation
This is most helpful and usually inspires us putting all in perception
To turn the pages of a book can stir our thoughts and emotions too
I have discovered that reading a new book can give fresh direction