Awareness In The Avenue

by Frank Rowley November 2020

Our Avenue leads from Street Lane to East Moor Road
It is unique the only such named street in the Great Britain
And measures approximately 283 metres long many abodes
It is approx 136.09 metres above sea level straight as a piston
Walking along one notices mature trees bushes flower rows

We care for our Jane’s dog Etta who makes herself at home
Sitting on the chair looking through the large bay window
Totally contented with her lot feeling no need to up and roam
Looking across then looking down looking up stretched akimbo
Sitting and watching life go past in her welcomed stately home

Mothers with bright Pom-Pom hats take their children to school
A man walks briskly his black dog pulling a coloured leather lead
Etta barks at them from glass safety the man smiles and dog drools 
The dog in the window wags it’s tail stands up the thoroughbred 
Our Avenue has Amazon and Tesco deliverers with arm tattoos 

The Avenue has Unique Street Reference Number of 23000634 
Listed in the National Street Gazetteer. But people are much more
Then numbers for each person is unique baby in pram briefcase man
Young people from high school and college are the future that is sure
May the Lord above looking down our Avenue fulfil His master plan

The land on which the Avenue now stands was in earlier years a farm
Part of a wonderful green pleasant land cattle kept from danger and harm
Large Shirehorses ploughed the fields expertly led with the farmers arm
I believe each person and place is totally unique deserving our attention
Vast variation in the unity of humanity calls out for prayer and discretion