Arthur Pink

Two names spring readily to mind when Nottingham is mentioned, first is a man who gained fame in the forest and dressed allegedly in Lincoln green, and second a man of the ministry called Pink, who had a crimson red ministry of the Cross of Calvary and was clothed with a brave and courageous spirit.

Arthur W. Pink was born in the City of Nottingham and was by far the greater of the two men. Arthur’s arrows had accuracy associated with the aims and purposes of the Almighty.

He was a man with an unwavering belief and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ the only Saviour from all human sin, and the giver of a new life here and now and going on to eternal life for those who receive Him. The bedrock foundation of Arthur Pink’s life was Holy Scripture – the Bible (KJV) he effectively preached the Living Word of God in pastorates in Britain and as widespread as Australia and America.

Pink had the heart of a pastor, the gift of a preacher and the vision of a lone and powerful prophet. Without doubt he was a rock in an evangelical world of sand. Pink held biblical truths and principles which he loved, lived, preached and practised to the highest level.

Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (2 Timothy 2.15) A constant and continuing application to study of the living truth flowed from his gifted pen, with hundreds of biblical expositions taken from the sixty-six books. His monthly magazine was concerned solely with the exposition of Scripture. Pastor Arthur Pink wrote and produced the first and original copy of ‘Studies in the Scriptures’ he was faithful to the truth and familiar with the whole range of revelation, he could and did divide the truth with due weight, correct emphasis and with the perspective and proportion necessary in each piece of writing.

He was ‘Master Class’ in this area of ministry, leaving behind many of his contemporary evangelicals with their own personal theories, opinions and accepted customs of the day. He felt deeply that so much of modern evangelism of his day was defective at its very foundations. What has changed? One may ask in 2005. 
In Arthur Pink’s days the Puritan and Reformed books on theology and exposition were being discarded and destroyed by many, but he fearlessly advanced the majority of their principles with a burning blazing zeal. Arthur Pink, under God, was in many ways, a Puritan born out of time. He was a giant among many pygmies!

Pink was a preacher’s preacher in many ways, he preached and wrote his expositions with transparent purity of truth. His work and ministry shone and sparkled against the depressing darkness and depravity of human sin, and against the cold dank murkiness of many who occupied the pulpits. Arthur lived so close to his Lord and Saviour, he searched the Scriptures and ignored the empty lifeless messages of many of the well-known preachers and philosophers who chattered and charmed with a gospel which did not hurt and certainly could not heal or save.
Arthur W. Pink preached a powerful and bold Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was the author of a number of books any of which are worthy of a place on your bookshelf.