Arnold Hogg

ARNOLD HOGG was a self taught, down to earth Yorkshire man. He befriended me as young teenager and shared his gifts and knowledge of the Word of God in a way that has enriched my life over the years. He was my very dear friend and mentor. Arnold was born and bred in the great City of Leeds. Attended Low Road School (See About Us.) Leaving school aged 13. He diligently pursued his education at Night School, where he excelled in every subject he studied, including Greek, Hebrew, Shorthand and Typing he was the fastest on the course. This all came about by him coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ in a Gospel Service at Derbyshire Street Ragged Mission. He was gifted and devoted to the work of the Saviour. Arnold was a Gospel Preacher well worth listening to! The style of preaching he developed was unique he had his own turn of phrase and the simplicity of his powerful ministry revealed a highly thoughtful and intelligent mind wholly dedicated to his Lord and Saviour.

The message that follows will give you an insight into his preaching and writing gifts.

By Arnold Hogg (Christmas 1972)

“For unto you is born THIS DAY in the city of David, a Saviour who is Christ the Lord”. Luke2:11.

Over One thousand nine hundred years ago shepherds on the night shift suddenly had their darkness turned to light, as a blaze of heavenly glory burst upon them, and a heavenly soloist sang out the good news. “THIS DAY” a Saviour has been born. It was the heavenly D.DAY, the Day of intervention, the day of a planting, of a bridgehead on enemy territory. The birth of Jesus in the Bethlehem manger was the D-Day of God’s great purpose of Redemption. That day Satan occupied territory was invaded by the Monarch and Maker of all.

Adam’s transgression enabled Satan to get a foothold among the human race. But God had promised He would be back. The Seed of the Woman would bruise the serpent’s head. Satan would be finally subdued, but not without cost. The Serpent would bruise the heel of the Woman’s seed. That long promised moment had arrived. The Serpent-Bruiser was here.

Abraham had been called out of world wide idolatry to worship the One True God. God informed him that with him a great programme of Redemption was to commence and that through him all families of the earth should be blessed. That promised Universal benefactor was now lying in a manger. D-Day had arrived. Idolaters ancient and modern were hence forward to be blessed with the great Salvation.

Dying Jacob rallied on his death bed to forecast that Judah should never be without a Ruler and Lawgiver till ‘SHILOH’ came to take over. SHILOH had arrived. Great David’s greater Son had reported for duty.

In Numbers chapters 22, 23, and 24, we have the story of the weirdest of weird cards. Balaam. Now, Balaam was a bigger donkey than the she ass upon which he rode. The ass took notice of the angel, but Balaam tried to get God to change His mind. Later on he argued with his own donkey. Only a donkey would argue with an ass. God opened the mouth of this two legged donkey to announce that a ‘Star Should Come out of Jacob and a Sceptre out of Israel and that Moab, Edom, and Seir should be smitten, destroyed and possessed (i.e. He should bowl over the Gentiles) The STAR had now come, and the SCEPTRE had now risen. It was D-Day and this Star and this Sceptre has been bowling over the Gentiles ever since with cannonballs of ‘love, mercy, grace, and peace.’

D-Day was here at long last. Why shepherd’s in the fields should have been selected when Jerusalem and Bethlehem had no shortage of scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, priests and Levites, not to mention hosts of rulers of various importances, is a matter for further thought.

Perhaps they would not have been able to swallow the angel’s message that the Saviour, Christ the Lord was a BABE lying in a manger. A ‘BABE’ lying in a manger. Frail shoulders one would think upon which to hang such a Government. But that Babe was no ordinary babe. That babe was the ‘Mighty Maker of Heaven and Earth’ who in order to save His people from their sin and Satan had shrunk Himself to a span.
Frail? Don’t be deceived. No heavy-weight boxer was built more to take it than the ‘Game chicken of Hoxton’. Remember Samson was once a baby in napkins, but it was no babe that uprooted the gate and its posts of Gaza, carried them off and dumped them on a hill- top. Judges 16.

So with this ‘Babe’. He was an old fashioned babe if you like. He could later say ‘Before Abraham was I am’. This is He ‘Whose goings forth have been of old, from everlasting’ Micah 5:2.

When Jesus Christ was born in the Bethlehem manger, D-Day was breaking. It was the dawn of the heavenly D-Day. The Bethlehem birth was the Elijah-cloud (no bigger than a man’s hand) that was going to end the long drought. El Shaddai had been sending His Captain to reconnoitre; now He comes in person. (See Holy War by John Bunyan)

Great David’s greater Son had come to ‘sit upon the throne of his father David, and was to ‘Reign for ever and ever.’ D-Day was the necessary preliminary to V-Day. You cannot win the battle till you get your foothold on the enemy occupied territory.
The Manger preceded the Calvary triumph. The manger was the commencement of the operation, the Death, Resurrection, and the Return of the Conqueror to Glory was the conclusion of the operation.

‘Operation Successfully Concluded’ was the report as the everlasting gates swung open to receive the Conqueror. The serpent’s head had been fatally bruised; earth’s families were now going to be blessed henceforth with Gospel Salvation. The enemy had been met in the wilderness and had fallen from heaven like lightning. The strong man had been bound and his goods spoiled. These preliminary encounters had been crowned with the great Calvary triumph. Colossians 2:14-15.

The Babe lying in a manger – D-Day.
Death, Resurrection, and Ascension – Task Accomplished.
The King of Glory returns with the spoils. Psalm 24:7-10.
D-Day “Unto you is born ‘THIS DAY’ a Saviour who is Christ the Lord.”

God, who brought a motherless woman into the world in the person of Eve, brought a fatherless man into the world in the Person of Christ Jesus.
That is what happened on D-Day. The Son of God became the Son of Man in order that the sons of men might become the sons of God. That was the purpose of D-Day. To Save His People to be a Saviour to all who repent, believe and receive Him as Lord.
This was the announcement of the soloist, hurry the soloist has been joined by the massed angelic choir; we are just in time for the great finale.