Always at the Centre

D. Hine-Butler

He sat in the midst of the sages
As teacher from Heaven above:
To them He interprets the pages
That speaks of His Father’s love.

He stands in the midst of the stricken
To comfort their hearts so sad:
His hands and His side that are riven
Are tokens that make them glad.

He walks in the midst of the churches,
Inspector and Potentate:
With eyes that are flaming He searches
And sees their declining state

He waits in the midst of the fewest
Who gather to plea His Name:
He sends to the least and the lowest
And grants them whatever they claim.

He hangs in the midst of two felons.
As Saviour He sheds His blood:
And thus He opened for millions
The way to the heart of God.

I will declare thy name unto my brethren: in the midst of the congregation will I praise thee. (Psalm 22: 22).

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. (Matthew 18:20).

And it came to pass, that after three days they found him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors, both hearing them, and asking them questions. (Luke 2: 46).

Where they crucified him, and two others with him, on either side one, and Jesus in the midst. (John 19: 18).

Unto the angel of the church of Ephesus write; These things saith he that holdeth the seven stars in his right hand, who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks; (Revelation 2: 1).