Alexander Whyte

Dr. ALEXANDER WHYTE was a great preacher; his influence at St. George’s church in Edinburgh is part of history.

He loved the Lord Jesus Christ and this was evidenced in his preaching power, his entire personality and the abiding influence in the hearts and minds of countless thousands of people across the world.

He loved reading great authors of divinity, but first and foremost in his reading was the Bible, which he preached as the living and inspired Word of the Living God.
Alexander loved to send post-cards to family and friends usually written in pencil and thanking them for some kindness shown to him. Simple and effective. He was always ready with a word of appreciation.

He was at his best when preaching God’s Word and aflame with passion. Then the whole man became transfigured. He was once described as a thunderstorm, “a two legged whirlwind.” Emphasis has rightly being given to Dr Whyte’s acute and often disturbing anatomy of sin. He was criticised that he was too introspective, too penetrating in this matter. He certainly revealed the sinfulness of the human heart, It was this deep sense of sin which gave to his preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Grace of God the power it might not otherwise possessed. 

He had a sanctified and coloured imagination. He could take his people into the heavens. His precept always “Let your imagination sweep you through the whole visible heavens, up to the heaven of heavens. Let her sweep and soar on her shining wing, up past sun, moon, and stars. (The heavens belong to the preacher’s of God’s Word, not to scientists and space explorers! FR.)

Dr Whyte has been called the last of the Puritans, certainly his preaching of the Gospel, was so human in touch, and surcharged with a depth of emotion and spiritual fervour, it swept all before it. He seemed to be able to touch every chord – at one time stern and austere as a Puritan, at another smiling lovingly on his audience, and still another with flashing eye and sweeping gesture lifting them to a place of enthusiasm.

‘And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him.’ Colossians 3:17.