A place to paint

Have you got the image of a rather large cold garret or chilly attic in mind with massive windows letting light stream in flooding the studio with creative inspiration? One is aware of such places complete with bearded artists, dressed in smocks with knotted scarves around their necks, struggling to paint and shivering whilst doing so.

That may be the old romantic setting, however I reckon it is far better to be comfortable rather than cold. Personally I paint in the conservatory where it is light and warm or at times I work in the building situated in the garden to the rear of the house. A long smooth three-metre work surface is sufficient for holding all the materials one accumulates over time from family and friends as gifts and presents. We will talk more of materials later.

Happily I discovered I could paint without a beard and there was no need to be cold and shivering for arts sake. So it is best to be happy where you plan to paint, in a place designated for that very purpose if at all possible, then you can leave the painting in hand and come back to it without having to clear everything away each time.

‘A place to call your own’ is ideal, although for many people that is simply not possible. Many find they can cope on some table that is convenient, keeping their materials in a large cardboard box or a cupboard. Needs must, as the saying goes, the desire to paint, will help the budding artist to find a suitable, perhaps a temporary place to paint. 

Like the prophet of old when asked what he required he replied a table, a chair, a candlestick and a bed. Basic. Simple and adequate. Sufficient for the prophet and also for the artist. Except we can change the candlestick to a blue day- light electric bulb and for the moment we can manage to paint without the bed!